New York Based Good Girl with Bad Thoughts



I’m a California girl who brings the beautiful sunshine east in my big green eyes, bright smile & curvy yoga body. I’m a gentle, loving soul who enjoys flirting and craves a bit of the naughty from time to time. I love to have fun, and can usually be found spending downtime being cheeky with my lady-friends.

I’m a passionate art lover. My background is in design, and I never miss a detail. I enjoy living the luxurious life for a night out, as well as the most casual date; let’s come up with a fun idea together! I am happy to prepare accordingly for whatever adventure we plan.

I’m already looking forward to getting to know you over playful conversation and a glass of Sancerre.

After you meet me, you’ll know why they sing “I wish they all could be California girls”.

Age - Late 20s

Height - 5’2”

Figure - Fit & Curvy

Measurements - 36” / 28” / 39”

Hair - Straight, Past Shoulders

Eye - Bright Green

 Tattoos - Several

Piercings - Ears & 1 Nipple

Education - Pursuing MFA in Design